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Consumer Information

Consumer Information

Be a part of supporting the local food system! Many farmers are getting creative to help you access fresh, healthy food with online ordering, delivery services, and new pickup locations. Also consider donating to organizations who have funds for farmer relief in these uncertain times.

How to Buy from Local Farms

King County’s new Local Food Finder interactive map offers a convenient way for residents to have fresh food and flowers delivered from local farms or place an online order for pick up directly at the farm.”

Farmers Markets have changed to meet COVID-19 public health guidelines, but are still reliable places to buy local food. See what you might expect when you visit your local market.

Farmers markets are open and many are encouraging consumers to pre-order their shopping list. Find farmers markets in your area and visit their websites for hours, new social distancing guidelines, and shopping options.

Find local farms, farm products, farm activities and farmers markets through Tilth’s interactive map, Local Harvest’s directory, SnoValley Tilth’s directory and Snoqualmie Valley local farm stands.

How to Support Flower Growers

Read more about the ways Covid-19 has impacted local flower growers and how your purchase will make a difference.

Visit Pike Place Market’s blog, "Help Support Pike Place Market Flower Farmers" for ways to support specific market flower businesses to help keep family farms open.

If you are a retail store looking to become a pickup site for flower growers, please fill out a Hmong Flowers Retail Drop Off Request form.

The Hmong Association of Washington Facebook page has helpful information about how consumers can connect with farmers. To provide financial support to Hmong flower growers during this time, visit the Hmong & Mien Flower Farmers Relief GoFundMe page.

Volunteer Tara Clark established the Hmong Farmers of Pike Place Market to connect consumers directly with flower growers for delivery or pickup. To place an order, fill out an Online Order for Flowers from the Hmong Farmers of Pike Place Market.

Start your own neighborhood buying group by organizing a group of friends and neighbors to make bulk flower purchases that will help a flower farmer's business stay afloat during this tough time. Visit the Neighborhood Farmers Market buying guide for ways to order directly from flower farms. You can work with one farmer to decide a way to process payments through Venmo, PayPal, or cash/check that is safe and convenient for you.  If you are interested in starting your own group and have questions, please feel free to reach out to Leigh Newman-Bell for more information. To learn more about an existing neighborhood buying group, please contact Tara Clark.

The Vang-Johnson family is supporting local Hmong flower farmers through a coop organized by the Hmong Association of WA. They have volunteered to buy flower bouquets fresh from the farmers and have them available for pickup throughout several neighborhoods in Seattle as well as, north and south Shoreline. Place your order and pay through Venmo, PayPal, or check. Pick up locations and times are listed on the form as well.

Please reach out to us if you are aware of other flower growers in King County that are not included on these lists.

How to Access Free Food and Meals in King County

WA Statewide Food Banks & Hunger Relief Network through Northwest Harvest.


Donate to the Good Farmer Fund which was created specifically to help farm during a crisis.

100% of donations to the Farmer Relief Fund will be given directly to farmers and ranchers impacted by market disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Donate to the Pike Place Market Foundation Community Safety Net Program, which helps Pike Place Market farmers who are experiencing a financial crisis.