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Farm King County


Working to preserve farmland, increase food production acreage, and meet farmer needs for flooding management and access to water.

Much of King County’s best farmland is located in the floodplains of our major river systems. A farm pad is an elevated structure on a farm that is higher than the 100-year flood water level and therefore during major floods, provides a safe area for farm equipment and/or livestock during major floods. In King County, farm pads are only located in the Snoqualmie Agriculture Production District.

Permitting new farm pads is difficult because the installation of a new pad typically means filling in an area in the floodplain or floodway, which may lead to a reduction in the amount of “flood storage.” In most cases, the loss of flood storage must be mitigated.

For more information, visit the Farm Pad Program page.

Off Target  

Number of Raised Agricultural Structures Completed Annually

Target: Complete five (5) projects per year to elevate homes, barns or the construction of farm pads.

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