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Farm Product Regulations

Farm Product Regulations

Local, state and federal product regulations apply to farm businesses. While the majority of product regulations are state and federal, farmers who sell products retail such as at farmers markets or farm stands also fall under local health department jurisdictions. The informational guides, hands-on workshops, and educational videos below will help you navigate the regulatory requirements to produce certain products for sale.


Food safety

Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Program is a resource for you as you prepare to apply for a food processor license. They can offer guidance as you establish your food processing procedures and design or seek an appropriate facility. You can use their map to find the contact person for your area.


Washington State Department of Agriculture

Handbook for Small and Direct Marketing Farms fact sheets on:

Got Soup Jerry Caldron
Jerry of Got Soup stirring a kettle in his WSDA licensed food processing facility - Photo: Zachary D. Lyons

Regulations for Specific Products

Some products, such as nuts, eggs, alcoholic beverages, lotions and cosmetics, have specific regulations that govern how they’re handled, who can sell them, where they are sold and a host of other aspects. Learn more about the various requirements for these and other specific products in this section. Products are listed below in alphabetical order:

Seattle King County Public Health Retail Permitting

How to start a food business in King County
Information and local contacts for starting and maintaining a food business including catering, mobile food carts, food worker's card, meat wrapper's permit process, food service establishment plan guide and fee table, applications for permanent and temporary food service, and more.

Nuflours zucchini cardamom ginger peach mini loaf
Nu Flours Bakery loaves - Photo: Zachary D. Lyons

Select a type of food establishment that best describes your business to learn more about how to obtain a food business permit:

Other types of food establishments

Food worker cards

City of Seattle, King County, State of WA, and the restaurant community


Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC)

NABC offers an array of Business Services as well as Classes and Workshops on:

Washington State University (WSU)

WSU offers Food Processing classes and courses throughout the year on the following topics:

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Workshops and trainings from time to time on food safety and processing products. They also advertise events widely through list servs.


Instructional Videos on Permitting Certain Products, Food Processing and Retail Permitting

Cottage Food


Food Handler
Food Safety is in Your Hands - Seattle King County Public Health (SKCPH)

Food Safety
Food Safety: It's Up To You - SKCPH

Food Processing
Food Processing - WSDA

Meat Processing



Retail Inspection

Salad Greens


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