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Farm King County

The Food System Data Center combines an interactive mapping platform with information and data on local agriculture to tell the story of our local farm and food system. The project was developed by multiple public agencies and non-profit organizations committed to using data to better understand, analyze and measure the health and viability of our food system.

The King County Farm
and Food System Map

allows you to view spatial information in an interactive map. It is your window to a wealth of information on topics including farmland, soils, food production, and natural resources.

Data Center

Food System Indicators allow us to track progress towards our goals under the Local Food Initiative and better inform the development of policy and funding decisions. By compiling and sharing those data we seek to improve the assessment, understanding, and collaboration of efforts to grow our local food system.


Business of Farming

Farm Economy

Farm Economy


Marketing & Food Safety

Environmental Stewardship

Access to Farmland

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