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Farm King County


Working to preserve farmland, increase food production acreage, and meet farmer needs for flooding management and access to water.

King County, in partnership with private landowners, has preserved almost 15,300 acres of high-quality farmland in King County by purchasing Farmland Preservation Program (“FPP”) easements. An additional 14,000 acres of agricultural land have been identified as priorities for preservation as part of the County’s Land Conservation Initiative.

Commercial and residential development, land use speculation in or near agricultural areas, and conversion of existing farms to non-agricultural uses threatens the survival of farming and agricultural activities in King County. Strategic acquisition of FPP easements on priority agricultural lands ensures that these parcels and farms remain available for agricultural production into the future. While planning for the future, these easements also promote farm businesses today by keeping farm land prices more affordable.

For more information, visit the King County Farmland Preservation Program and Land Conservation Initiative pages.

Meeting Target  

Acres of preserved farmland

Target: Beginning in 2018, protect an additional 475 acres of high priority agricultural lands annually, preserving another 14,000 acres of farmland within the next 30 years.

Related data

Farmland in King County

Farmland preserved by
Agricultural Production District (APD)

Note: Active farmland data from field surveys conducted in 2013 and 2017. “Food” represents those acres farmed directly or indirectly (e.g., hay) for food production. “Non-food” represents farmed land devoted to horses, sod production, and plant nurseries.